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Why are scientists just like kiwis?

Kiwis seem to be somewhat strange birds, at first glance. They live and hunt at nights, strolling through New Zealand native forests, but cannot fly or even see very well. Against their vulnerability, kiwis show some remarkable talents. Unusual for birds, kiwis can smell their food up to centimetres below their feet! The small birds poke their long beak deep underground, and then use it like a screwdriver to pull out their prey. With loud cries kiwis attract other kiwi. You may not see kiwis at night but will hear them calling.

Scientists are similar to kiwis. They live solitary in their own world and achieve remarkable things. However, largely unnoticed by society.

KIWI-PR's philosophy is to achieve more sustainability on Earth- trough its projects, working attitude and social behaviour. To make a sign, KIWI-PR has adopted a Little Spotted Grey Kiwi, an endangered species and national bird of New Zealand. It lives at the Otohoranga Kiwi House Sanctuary.


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