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KIWI-PR is lead by Astrid Ahke, a 35-year-old PR-consultant and New Zealand devotee. As young girl fascinated from the sea she studied marine environmental sciences in Oldenburg/Germany. Hooked up by her passion for research she completed her doctorate in marine geosciences at Bremen University in 2006. During that time she worked on several research vessels all over the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

She spent one year working at the niwa in New Zealand in terms of ozone research. The passion for Kiwis is found again in the company name and logo. During her academic career, she became aware of a lack of understanding between people and scientists in Germany and found her passion for communicating science. She did public relation work and online editorials for two pr agencies with focus on physics, geosciences and geotechnologies (iserundschmidt, Bonn/Berlin; denkbar/Bremen) and worked as coordinator and outreach officer in the field of energy research (GeoEn project).


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